Friday, June 12, 2009


people who know anything about me know that i like "haunted shit." always have. always will. despite my dislike for anything even remotely associated with "fantasy," and complete disbelief in a higher power, ghost have always gotten me going.

in only slightly related news: i am currently in pre-production for a new music video for the band poison the well. i will be directing the video for their new song, exist underground a week from sunday. much more on this later.

now... this video will not be animated. nor will it have anything to do with skeletons, or mountains, or giant devils sitting upon mountains. so how this song/piece of film has anything to do with what i'm shooting next week is unknown to me. i just like it a lot. i have no recollection of any other part of fantasia, but this segment has gotten me excited to make shit since i was about 8 years old. seems to still be working.

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